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Contexto works with people in organizations to help them innovate and grow. We apply design thinking to understand customers’ real needs and help clients redesign their offerings to increase desirability, profitability, and competitiveness.  

Whether you need to make incremental improvements to your current offerings or craft an entirely new strategy from the ground up, we are here to help you solve tough challenges and keep you ahead of the competition.

The pace of innovation and change in our world is increasing at an accelerating rate. We now live in an age of uncertainty where massive change and disruption occurs from one day to the next. How we respond to rapid changes in will either keep our organizations relevant, or leave us behind in the dustbin of history.

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What we do

Customer / Marketing Research

Do you know what your existing or desired customers really want and how to engage them?

We conduct research that uncovers people’s true wants and needs, and provide you with the insights to craft winning strategies.

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Business Strategy Design

Is your business model relevant in a fast changing world? Are you at risk of being disrupted?

We help you think differently, understand how to stay relevant in a fast changing world, and recalibrate your business model to unlock markets and give you a competitive edge.

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Project Design & Team Building

Do you need to undertake a project but need clearer definition of what problem to solve? Need to get your team excited and engaged with your next project?

Our human-centric process can help you define the problem that will yield the best return on your investment while energizing and equipping your team to be creative problem-solvers.

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Service & Experience Design

Are customers dissatisfied and leaving you? Need to differentiate from competition?

We conduct customer research, uncover what customers really want, and partner with you to redesign your offerings so customers stay loyal and turn into advocates.

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Innovation Leadership & Culture

Do you want to foster creativity and innovation at your organization?

Innovation is not an activity within an organization, it’s part of the culture. We can help your team co-create a culture of innovation at your organization that will attract and retain talent while sharpening your competitive edge.

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Design & Branding

Is your brand image outdated and losing its luster? Customers lured away by a novel competitor?

Whether you need a brand refresh or new identity, an assessment of where you stand, or to design products, Contexto can help breathe new life into your brand. Our partners and collaborators have over 25 years of global branding and product design experience.

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Who We Can Help

Hospitality & Tourism

Are you differentiating in an increasingly competitive landscape?

We can help you understand what customers want and how to redesign your service to keep customers coming back and become brand advocates.


Are constituents disengaged, dissatisfied, or complaining about services?

We understand the complexity of government and we’ll team up with you to transform your services into user-friendly and engaging experiences for your constituents. 


Experiencing increasing difficulty retaining customers? Are competitors getting ahead of you?

We help you understand customers better and reimagine how to create more attractive and competitive service offerings.


Patients and customers avoid going to see you? Want to attract more customers?

We can help you reimagine your visitors’ experience and attract more business.

Hospitality & Tourism

Are you differentiating in an increasingly competitive landscape?

We can help you understand what customers want and how to redesign your service to keep customers coming back and become brand advocates.

Technology / IT Services

Finding it challenging to increase adoption and use of your solutions?

We help you understand what end-users really want and how to create more attractive and competitive customer experience.


Are you adapting to changing customers’ shopping habits and tastes?

We can help you rethink your place in the future of retail, how to remain relevant and win.  


Need help gathering customer insights, thinking through your business model, improving your offerings, or creating a strong brand?

We are your partners in shaping the future of your business and brand.


Are your products meeting the changing tastes and demands from customers?

We will uncover your existing or desired customer wants and help you keep up with shifting customer tastes.


Are customers not returning? Seeing a decline of your ratings in online reviews?

We help you understand your customers’ experience and how to rethink your service experience to keep customers coming back and become brand advocates.


Still relying on demographics, surveys, and focus groups? Do you really know *why* customers do what they do?

We dive into customer research with our human-centric toolkit to uncover the “why” behind customers’ preferences. We generate insights that truly matter and drive innovation.