The complexity of our world is increasing at an accelerating rate. We now live in an age of uncertainty where massive change occurs from one day to the next. How we respond to the rising complexity of our world will either keep our organizations relevant, or leave us behind in the dustbin of history.

Contexto’s mission is to help people live innovation and foster groundbreaking ideas that crack tough challenges, reduce uncertainty, and create big wins.

Whether you need to make incremental improvements to your current offerings or craft an entirely new strategy from the ground up, we are here to help you solve tough challenges and keep you ahead of the curve.


Market leading brands know that the seeds of sustainable success in business lie in deeply understanding their customers and people. We begin our work by identifying your key customers and stakeholders and then follow our Discover, Design, and Deliver framework.


Innovation Strategy

From concept development to market launch, our process is informed by deep, insight-led thinking. We partner with our clients to design new business models, services, products, and experiences from concept to market launch.

Experience Design

The quality of a customer experience can make or break an organization in the eyes of their customers. Our team will closely study your customers’ current experience and redesign their interaction with your brand. We thoughtfully design every touchpoint and interaction in a customer encounter, service, product, or brand to delight your customers and foster loyalty.

Brand Strategy

We revitalize or develop market-leading brands, strategies, and creative platforms. Our expertise covers all aspects of branding and customer communications:

  • Positioning and strategy
  • Naming
  • Corporate identity
  • Brand and product identity
  • Collateral product design
  • Selling and promotional experiential environments

Insight and Scenario Planning

Leverage the best of business, social science, and design to build a platform for inspired thinking. We bring a deep understanding of what customers want and project how culture, markets, and competitors are likely to change. The result is a powerful compass to give you direction as you navigate the rapidly changing competitive landscape and stay ahead of the curve.


Brilliant ideas that give you a competitive edge require that you re-vision, not just re-formulate your offerings. Foster the capacity and culture within your team to produce breakthrough thinking and solution-making. Our workshops build creative confidence and teach teams the basics of design thinking and how to engage the creative process to produce consistent results.