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Be part of the Global  Gov Jam community and co-create solutions to a design challenge shared with people in 30+ cities around the world. Put your design thinking hat on and let your creativity fly! Then share your solution prototypes with a global community.

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What is a Jam?

The Miami GovJam is a unique professional development opportunity for government workers and all people passionate about civic life. This project-based, hands-on professional training teaches participants how to dramatically increase the efficacy of service delivery and customer satisfaction, while fostering innovation and teamwork within and outside of government.

The Miami GovJam is part of the Global GovJam, a world-wide event that unites people from dozens of cities around the world in a simultaneous workshop where participants design services that improve civic life.

The Miami GovJam is open to all people who care about their community and want to support innovation in the public sector. Government employees, private sector and nonprofit professionals, artists, students, and anyone who is passionate about civic life is welcome to join.

Miami Gov Jam 2014 – Video Credit: Tamika Bickham

Why Jam?

The great thing about a jam is there are no boundaries.

People in dozens of cities around the world gather for 48 hours to simultaneously work on a common design theme released by Global GovJam Headquarters.

Miami GovJam facilitators will introduce local participants to customer-centric design tools, help them form diverse work teams, and coach them in creating a service inspired by the global design theme.

Teams will apply what they learn to rapidly design and test their solutions to public problems. At the end of the event teams will upload a video of their solution to the Global GovJam website to share with the world.

By the end of the event you will know the fundamentals of customer-centric design, how to dramatically improve customer satisfaction, and how to design new services people really want.

During this hands-on, project-based workshop you will:

  • Learn how to reduce and manage the risk and costs for any project.
  • Learn how to quickly design a new service and get solid customer feedback.
  • Learn how to dramatically increase customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance your team-building and collaboration skills.
  • Experience hands-on learning and practice of design-thinking and creative skills. Build your creative confidence.
  • Make new friends and expand your professional and creative network.

The Program

Jamming is a weekend full of fun + passionate people + design thinking methods.

We run through all the steps of the Human Centred Design process to create working prototypes of new products & services. The details of this years program are still being refined, but you can expect something not too dissimilar to this.

What is Service Design?

Guest Jammers

Miguel Aristizabal
Miguel AristizabalOpen & Collaborative Innovation Strategist
Miguel Aristizabal holds a MSc in Telecommunications Engineering and enhance over 8 years of experience in open innovación, collaboration and co-creation ecosystems to reshape local governments, public and private institutions, and human behaviors to problem solve common and urban challenges.

Miguel has worked with Ruta N, (the Innovation Center of Medellin) shaping a better city based on principles such as transparency, openness and open collaboration. For over 2 years, he designed and implemented the country’s first citizen co-creation ecosystem, MiMedellin.org aimed to interconnect the power of collective intelligence through technology to speed up the idea generation process and improve the quality of civic innovations at local scale. In 2015, he leaded the first chapter of “Cities for Life Global Meeting”, listed as the most important international event in Latin America promoted by a city where 70 Mayors and 1800 attendees from over 120 cities went together to talk about co-creation and collaboration within cities. In 2016, Paris will be the host.

Currently he is the CEO and founder of OpenCol an organization who helps cities and local governments to become more efficient and innovative by developing new citizen participatory strategies, developing open collaboration ecosystems, enhancing cross-boundries idea generation and introducing co-creation and open innovation platforms to improve the quality of life.

Peter Khanahmadi
Peter KhanahmadiSr. Fellow for Service Design | Consumer Response, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Peter is a Sr. Fellow for Service Design at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). He’s infusing Service Design methods and techniques to enhance cross channel experiences for financially harmed consumers submitting complaints. Prior to joining CFPB he led the Service Design capability at Booz Allen Hamilton helping clients from health, finance, and defense transform their organization. When he’s not helping users, he likes to play golf, cook, and edit videos in hopes one day he’ll strike it rich as a film maker.
Emilie Baird
Emilie BairdMBA - Social Entrepreneur - Nonprofit Leader - Consultant in Collaboration & Social Change
Emilie Baird is an experienced consultant and dynamic workshop facilitator with over 10 years of experience in leadership roles in the non-profit sector. A globally-minded social entrepreneur, Emilie grew up in Canada and since 2005 has split her time between Colombia and Miami. Her educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, a graduate degree in Conflict Resolution and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree focused on global entrepreneurship.

Emilie is founder, former president and current Director of Innovation, Research and Special Projects for Somos CaPAZes, a nonprofit organization that uses playful and innovative workshops to teach effective communication, conflict resolution, community-building and peacebuilding skills in Colombia. In Miami, Emilie was previously Executive Director of the Casimiro Global Foundation, which focuses on youth, entrepreneurship and social impact; she has been a consultant for VentureLeague, a nonprofit that aims to strengthen entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the Americas. She is currently launching an ethical fashion business that works with indigenous and other local artisans in Colombia, as well as consulting for Global Ties Miami, a non-profit that for 55+ years has worked with the U.S. Department of State and other partners to facilitate international exchange in best practices, and for the Colombian National Police in their efforts to build peace.

Joseph F. Caccitolo, MBA, Psy.D.
Joseph F. Caccitolo, MBA, Psy.D.Director of Research and Operations at Z Financial, LLC
Joe is the Director of Research and Operations at Z Financial, LLC, a private securities investment firm based in Chicago, IL. His teams leverage analytics and mine data to uncover new investment opportunities. He is also the Managing Director of Compass Consulting, LLC, a firm he founded to help political and policy clients do more with their data. An expert in statistics, motivation, and persuasive messaging, Dr. Caccitolo conducts research, provides analysis, and designs winning communications strategies for individual candidates as well meaningful public policy initiatives. Joe is also an adjunct professor of Business Psychology and Behavioral Economics at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He lectures and develops courses that train the next generation of consultants to integrate applied behavioral sciences into business solutions.

Dr. Caccitolo’s current research focuses on improving workplace decision-making.

He is affiliated with
Ø Action Design Network – Chicago
Ø American Association of Political Consultants
Ø Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Ø Project Management Institute
Ø SERV Hearts and Homes, Inc. a 501(c)3 Treasurer
Ø Society of Consulting Psychology / APA-Div. 13
Ø Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychologists


Day 1
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

8:00 AM:     Breakfast (provided)
8:30 AM:     Introduction to the Global GovJam & Hosts
8:45 AM:     Participant Introductions
9:00 AM:    Activity – Creative Process 
9:25 AM:
    Activity – Teamwork
9:55 AM:     Global Theme announced
9:50 AM:     Activity – Team Formation
10:00 AM:  Activity – Empathy & Journey Mapping
10:35 AM:   Jamming Begins.
The groups work independently, supported by Hosts
and Mentors. Research or observations are performed
virtually, or through short excursions. The teams
develop their service design and prototype it using
whatever methods they choose.
12:30 PM:   Lunch (provided)
1:45 PM:      Status Update / Upload Prototype
2:30 PM:     Presentation – User Research / Refining Your Concept
2:45 PM:     Continue Jamming
5:00 PM:    Wrap up for the day

Day 2
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

9:00 AM:    Breakfast (Provided)
9:20 AM:    Warm-up
9:35 AM:    Continue Jamming
11:45 AM:   Status Update / Upload Prototype
12:30 PM:  Lunch (Provided)
2:45 PM:    Publish!
The teams deliver final documentation of a working
prototype on the Global GovJam website. This can
be a film of human interaction, photos of a mock-up, a
dummy website, a business plan, or anything else that
provides a permanent, publishable record of their idea
and work. These are uploaded and published for the
world under Creative Commons licensing.
3:00 PM:     Present your project to other Miami Jammers.
4:00 PM:     Prizes
Just like it sounds – prizes shall be awarded. Oh yes,
prizes shall be awarded.
5:00 PM:     Close

*Agenda subject to change.

Location: City Hall, Miami Beach



Siggi Bachmann
Siggi BachmannChief Strategy Officer
Siggi is a designer and electrical engineer with a deep passion for fostering creativity in teams. He applies his insights about the creative process to drive powerful co-creative team sessions, which yield innovative solutions that delight people. Siggi believes truly superior solutions are achieved when design is led and done with the end user in mind.

Siggi is a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Contexto.

Vassoula Vasiliou
Vassoula VasiliouChief Experience Officer
Vassoula is a designer with 20+ years of experience in design, trend analysis, and branding. She is as highly skilled at distinguishing and addressing consumers’ key needs, wants, and desires as she is in designing rich sensory experiences that connect people with brands. Vassoula believes applying design disciplines to business opens up tremendous opportunities for growth.

Vassoula is a co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at Contexto.

Ezequiel Williams
Ezequiel WilliamsChief Insights Officer
Ezequiel is a business designer passionate about helping people live innovation. His work focuses on helping people deeply understand their customers’ problems and how to solve them creatively. He brings a distinct human-centered design lens to his work and believes customer experience is a key source of competitive advantage in the 21st Century.

Ezequiel is a co-founder and Chief Insights Officer at Contexto.

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