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Looking to add a creative spark to your projects, team, or organization? Join a world-wide design thinking adventure and pick up new ideas and skills that will help you be more innovative.

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What is a Jam?

A place to share ideas…

People around the globe will come together in their local destinations to create new services inspired by a shared theme.

It’s a chance to unite with designers, business people, students, academics, artists, customers, dads, moms, thinkers and doers. Ultimately, it’s a chance to bring your ideas, personality and creativity to help invent a service.

In the spirit of experimentation, innovation, cooperation and friendly competition, teams will have less than 48 hours to develop and prototype completely new services inspired by a shared theme. At the end of the weekend, their collection of brand new services will be published to the world.

Our friends from ServiceDesign Jam in Linz (ServiceDesign-Linz.at) share a preview of what to expect at a Jam. Learn techniques to design great customer experiences in a fun and collaborative way while interacting with teams from across the globe!

Why Jam?

The great thing about a jam is there are no boundaries.

Miami Service Jam is an event where you can let your creativity on the loose while creating solutions for vexing problems. Facilitators will introduce participants to customer-centric design tools (Design Thinking), help them form diverse work teams, and coach them in creating a service inspired by the global design theme.

Teams will apply what they learn to rapidly design and test their solutions to problems related to sustainability. At the end of the event teams will upload a video of their solution to the Global Service Jam website to share with the world.

Jams are designed to create innovators. By the end of the event you will be familiar with the fundamentals of customer-centric design, how to dramatically improve customer satisfaction, and how to design new services people really want.

We encourage anyone who wants to learn more about creative approaches to problem solving and sustainability to join us.

  • You will learn more about a design-based approach to problems, and the fundamentals of great services.
  • You will pick up a load of new ideas and work practices.
  • You will meet a lot of cool people at all levels of experience.
  • Your work and ideas will be reviewed by your peers, and presented to the world.
  • You will design something that may become a real business.
  • You might get rich and famous. Probably not…
  • But you will certainly have a blast!

The Program

Jamming is a weekend full of fun + passionate people + design thinking methods.

We run through all the steps of the Human Centred Design process to create working prototypes of new products & services. The details of this years program are still being refined, but you can expect something not too dissimilar to this.

What is Service Design?

Saturday – February 18
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

9:00 AM: Breakfast – Networking
9:30 AM: Introduction to the Global Service Jam & Hosts + Intro to Design Thinking
10:15 AM: Secret Theme announced +Form teams and brainstorm basic idea
11:00 PM: Jamming Begins.
The groups work independently, supported by Hosts and Mentors. Research or observations are performed virtually, or through short excursions. The teams develop their service design and prototype it using whatever methods they choose.
12:30 PM: Lunch
2:00 PM: Status Update / Upload Prototype
3:30 PM: Presentation – Refining Your Concept
3:45 PM: Continue Jamming
4:30 PM: Wrap up for the day

The Location


New World Center

500 17th Street
Miami Beach, Florida 33139


Siggi Bachmann
Siggi BachmannChief Strategy Officer
Siggi is a designer and electrical engineer with a deep passion for fostering creativity in teams. He applies his insights about the creative process to drive powerful co-creative team sessions, which yield innovative solutions that delight people. Siggi believes truly superior solutions are achieved when design is led and done with the end user in mind.

Siggi is a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Contexto.

Vassoula Vasiliou
Vassoula VasiliouChief Experience Officer
Vassoula is a designer with 20+ years of experience in design, trend analysis, and branding. She is as highly skilled at distinguishing and addressing consumers’ key needs, wants, and desires as she is in designing rich sensory experiences that connect people with brands. Vassoula believes applying design disciplines to business opens up tremendous opportunities for growth.

Vassoula is a co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at Contexto.

Ezequiel Williams
Ezequiel WilliamsChief Insights Officer
Ezequiel is a business designer passionate about helping people live innovation. His work focuses on helping people deeply understand their customers’ problems and how to solve them creatively. He brings a distinct human-centered design lens to his work and believes customer experience is a key source of competitive advantage in the 21st Century.

Ezequiel is a co-founder and Chief Insights Officer at Contexto.

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