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Contexto is an innovation consultancy that helps organizations revitalize their businesses or create new ones. We deliver insights into what people really want and offer bespoke solutions that aid organizations to improve customer experience and satisfaction, develop new offerings or increase the adoption of existing ones, boost customer loyalty, and drive revenues and growth.

Our approach consists of blending the best of business, social science, and design. We partner with our clients to deeply understand their customers and co-design novel ways to satisfy them.  We also support our clients in co-creating the vision, culture, systems and metrics to make success achievable and growth sustainable.

We believe that everyone possesses deep passion, creative brilliance and greatness within them. Achieving breakthrough creativity and greatness is not a gift, but a choice. It’s not about ego, but about a conscious standard of leadership and service that drives courageous people to do the work of their lives and make a lasting positive impact on their people, teams, customers and even their community. We partner with our clients in taking creative leaps that tap into their genius and generate great solutions.

In other words, we love helping people live innovation.

If you are feeling stuck or are figuring out what’s next, give us a call. We are always up for a conversation.


Siggi Bachmann
Siggi BachmannChief Strategy Officer
Siggi is a designer and electrical engineer with a deep passion for fostering creativity in teams. He applies his insights about the creative process to drive powerful co-creative team sessions which yield innovative solutions that delight people. Siggi believes truly superior solutions are achieved when design is led and done with the end user in mind.

Prior to his design career, Siggi applied his engineering skills in heavy industry and film working for major companies like Alcoa, Marel, and independent production company SagaFilm. He also has worked in the fashion industry and currently advises tech startups on branding and serves as the Creative Director of the world-renowned New World Symphony (NWS). In addition to his work in marketing and communication at the NWS, where he leads an in-house design team and all branding efforts, he also collaborates with musicians in developing new concert formats as part of the organization’s leadership program.

Originally from Iceland, Siggi holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Miami International University of Art and Design (Magna Cum Laude), a degree in Graphics and Advertising from Lorenzo De’Medici in Florence, Italy (Summa Cum Laude), and a Journeyman license in Electrical Engineering.

Vassoula Vasiliou
Vassoula VasiliouChief Experience Officer
Vassoula is a designer with 20+ years of experience in design, trend analysis, and branding. She is as highly skilled at distinguishing and addressing consumers’ key needs, wants, and desires as she is in designing rich sensory experiences that connect people with brands. Vassoula believes applying design disciplines to business opens up tremendous opportunities for growth.

During the span of her career, Vassoula has worked with global design and branding firms including Landor and Fitch and served as an in-house Senior Creative for major corporations. She has worked with global brands including Nissan, Visa International, HSBC, Gerber Childrenswear, Proctor & Gamble, Hasbro, Samsung, and Office Depot among many others. Through her work at cross-functional, multi-disciplinary creative agencies, Vassoula has developed a unique perspective and approach to leadership and problem solving focused on collaboration and leveraging the strength of multi-disciplinary teams.

Originally from London, Vassoula holds a Master of Arts in Graphic Communications from the prestigious Royal College of Art London and a Bachelor of Arts from Camberwell School of Arts, London Institute, UK.

Ezequiel Williams
Ezequiel WilliamsChief Insights Officer
Ezequiel is a business designer passionate about helping people live innovation. His work focuses on helping people deeply understand their customers’ problems and how to solve them creatively. He brings a distinct human-centered design lens to his work and believes customer experience is a key source of competitive advantage in the 21st Century.

Ezequiel’s professional career encompasses 15+ years of work with nonprofits, government, philanthropic foundations, and startups. He brings an anthropological perspective to and is experienced in project management, consulting and capacity building, community relations and development, business and resource development, and structuring strategic partnerships. Ezequiel has done extensive work with immigrant communities and health and human service programs as a funder and advisor.

Originally from Ecuador, Ezequiel holds a Masters of Business Administration from American University, a Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology from New College of Florida, and a Certificate in Executive Nonprofit Management from Georgetown University.